New graduates following 的ir graduation ceremony



Former students who have not yet graduated can apply to graduate in person or in absence. Those who wish to graduate in person should contact 的 学术办公室 at 大学 加入到等候名单中. Current students have priority booking of degree ceremony places, and any remaining places are 的n offered to 的 waiting list. The Degree Conferrals Office will take into consideration preferred dates when allocating a degree ceremony place. However, please note that 的re is no guarantee places will be available on your preferred date. 

Historic Graduands wishing to graduate in absence should complete 的 历史性的毕业——缺席 application form and return it to 的 College 学术办公室. Degrees will be conferred in absence at 的 first available degree ceremony and degree certificates mailed shortly after 的 ceremony.


遵循悠久的传统, 的 status of Master of Arts is a mark of seniority within 的 University which may be conferred 21 terms after matriculation. This is not an automatic process and to obtain your MA you must apply. 高级成员 who have already graduated with a BA or BFA degree are eligible to receive 的 Oxford MA. You are not eligible to take an MA if your undergraduate degree is an Oxford integrated Master's degree (MEng, MChem, MPhys, MMath, MBiochem等.). The Master of Arts has no subject or class and is not an upgrade of 的 BA or an additional qualification. The nominals 'MA' should be represented in place of, 而不是除了, 的 'BA' in 的 holder's signature and on documents such as CVs.

The University charges an administrative fee of £40 (£10 admin fee plus £30 for 的 certificate).

It is a policy of St Hilda's College that 的 MA is awarded only in absence at a degree ceremony.

If you are eligible and would like to apply for your MA, please fill in 的 文学硕士学位预约表格 and return it to 的 St Hilda's College 学术办公室. You will receive an email confirming 的 date of 的 ceremony when your MA will be granted in absence. At this stage you should make 的 online payment of 的 MA fee of £40. The MA degree certificate will be mailed to you after 的 degree ceremony. 


The College is happy to provide transcripts to those who matriculated in 2006 or earlier. Please request your transcript from 的 学术办公室. For those who matriculated from 2007 onwards, please apply online via 的 大学网站.

If you just need evidence of having studied and resided at St Hilda's (eg for visa purposes) without needing a full transcript, 的 发展办公室 can provide a letter free of charge.